Disc saws, pivoting movement, automatic, specific for aluminum, miter

Automatic circular saw suited to cut aluminium,light metal solids and profiles with high accuracy. Possibility to set the machine for brass and copper profiles.

  •     Mitre cutting from 0° to 45° left and right.The head bends 45° on the vertical axis to allow inclined cuts.
  •     Easy stops at 0°, 15°, 30°, 45° left and right. Hand-wheel to lock the head on all angles, graduation engraved on the worktable.
  •     Electro-pneumatic functioning, hydraulic control of the down-feed speed of the head.
  •     Electronic driver with programming of all operations by means of the keyboard.
  •     Manual selection of the cutting length with digital reading and decimal nonius.
  •     Pair of front pneumatic vices with quick clamping, free to move alongside the worktable, vertical pneumatic vice.
  •     Feeder with 200 mm opening, maximum stroke 520 mm, minimum stroke 4 mm (minimum scrap-end 355 mm); selection of the number of cuts (1-9999) and the feeder strokes (1-29) by means of the keyboard.
  •     Cast iron head avoids vibrations. Additional vertical pneumatic vice guarantee a perfect material locking.
  •     Cutting capacity at 90 ° round till 120 mm., square till 105 mm. 200x80 mm.
Area angular cut ° -45 / 90 / +45
Cutting capacity at 90°: round / square / rectangular mm. 120 / 105 / 200x80
Blade dimensions mm. 350
Blade Motor Power KW 2.2
Run of the feeder carriage (repeatable) mm. 520
Scrap end mm. 355
Blade speed RPM 3600
Capacity coolant tank Lt 40
Dimensions ( B x L x H ) mm. 1800x1300x1800
Height of the work-table mm. 930
Weight Kg 590
Minimum cuttable length mm. 4
Type of functioning   semiautomatic/automatic
Suitable for cutting:   Aluminium and light alloys